I’m not only in Leadership Consultancy and a NED. I also try to contribute to the society in terms of facilitating discussions on societal matters and motivating and activating others for social activities.

As part of the series Celebrating Dissent, I will be leading the discussion programme Separation of Religion and State at De Balie.

During this programme, we will talk about secularism with women who are experts and has personal experience on the matter.

Secularism is often seen as a Western concept. But the demand for separation between religion, state and law is particularly important for those living in theocracies and religious states. Speakers discuss how secularism is a minimum precondition for the rights of women, LGBT+’s, ex-Muslims and minorities. If one believes that these rights are universal human rights and not just Western rights, which conclusions should be drawn from it?

Please do join us on August 31st at 19:00hrs in Amsterdam at De Balie to listen to the interesting (personal) stories and views of some experts on secularism, and maybe share your views on the subject.